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Eric & Bobbi with Brutus
The doctors and staff at Community Veterinary Hospital have always provided the highest quality of care for our dogs. We have been clients of this veterinary practice for 5 years and our dogs have had several serious medical issues which have required frequent visits. It became very evident early on that both the doctors and the staff are very unique, in that they demonstrate the highest ethical standards and provide superior surgical and medical services, compassion and understanding for animals and their owners at affordable rates. It has been both a pleasure and a privilege to be associated with the staff and doctors at Community Veterinary Hospital who continue to demonstrate their dedication and passion for veterinarian medicine.
Community Veterinary Hospital, INC. Clients
Community Veterinary Hospital, INC. takes special care to understand the unique needs of each of our clients to design custom solutions that exceed expectations. Our attentive staff makes every effort to ensure you are 100% satisfied.

We are proud to share these testimonials from our clients:
Jessical, Deborah & Jeff with Precious,Braveheart,Happy (Whitey),
Angel,Blackie Trouble, Baby & Dracula
I can not begin to express how pleased I am  with all the treatments and services we have received from Community Veterinary Hospital over the years. I know I could go on for several pages, but I will limit my enthusiasm to a few instances.
       Happy an extreamly shy cat, was left behind when his family moved from the Garden Grove Townhouse a few doors down. For several weeks, he tried t fend for himself. Since he wasn't fixed at the time, he was in at least one cat fight and his face was severly injured and eventually it became infected. He wasn't able to eat and finally we noticed this frightened cat that was slowly dying. We trapped him and brought him to Community Veterinary Hospital. Despite his really poor condition, they kept him and slowly got him on the road to recovery. He was also neutered during his stay at Community. Though Hapyy is still shy, he is healthy and happy. Thus his name change from Whitey to Happy.
       Precious was born feral at our home in Rverside. We can only surmise that her mother didn't have enough nourishment to properly nurse her 6 kittens and 2 had already died when we found Precious dying as well. We took her to the vet in Riverside, but he didn't give her any hope to survive, however he treated her and brought her home to our Gardne Grove home. My daughter, Jessica, brought Pecious to Community Veterinary Hospital, and thankfully she was seen by Dr. Ericson  and he dedicated all his efforts to save this dying week and half olf kitten.
He also gave us little, to no hope in saving her life and he felt that if she did mangae to survive, that she would be blind for life. Since Precious required constant bottle feeding we kept her at home and Jessica and I would take turns caring for her. For months during that period, Dr. Ericson, saw Pecious on a daily basis for treatments which included, but weren't limited to, cleaning her extremly stuffed nose and her eyes whichwould close up daily from an eye infection. Most visits they didn't even charge us for the treatments htat she received. Shehas been healthy and living with us, plus she can see too. She is truly a testament of the miracles performed at this hospital.
       Braveheart is Precious' sister. Braveheart continued to live out in Riverside with her spayed Mom, Libby, and 2 of her sibling that survived. When the time came, my husband, Jeff, had the remainder of the kittens spayed or nfeutered at the vet near our Riverside home, since we planned to release them where they had grown up and to continue to care for them at that home. After they were fixed, Braveheart ripped out her sutures and the vet had to put steel sutures in to make sure that she ci=ouldn't remove them. Jeff, brought Braveheart home to Garden Grove to finish her recovery. Though Braveheart hadn't seen Precious in five months, she recongnized her sisier, what a teary moment for me, especially with the  knowledge of how closely Precious' came to dying. Though feral, Braveheart assimilated to domestication quickly during her recovery. When it came to remove her steel sutures, we decided to keep her in Garden Grove, so we called a couple of vets closer to our home and we were unable to find a vet that was willing to remove the sutures since Braveheart wasn't their client when sutures were put in.  We called Community Veterinary Hospital and they not ony removed the sutures, they took her right away taking into consideration her feral background. Plus thy didn't even charge us for the seervice. Precious and Braveheart are inseparable now and happy they have each other.
       Recently I aquired a puppy, Dracula. I've been bringing him to Community Veterinary Hospital. I really appreciate all the "bonus" services that we receive with his vaccination.
 For Example, Dracula always receives a free pedicure. As a "new" owner, I'm nervous when it comes to trimming nails. During the past few visits, I've had questions for the vet, theay are throughly answered by Dr. Ericson to my satisfaction. The staff not ony verbally instructs me on when they would like to see Drqacula again, they provide ALL the information on the payment receipt regarding future vaccinations and when they are due. They also include his current weightinformation. It is so nice that they have included the treatment/services that Dracula received that day, but future seervices/vaccinations to remember. But thankfully, Community Veterinary Hospital will also send reminders. How simple is that?
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